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Technical Vulnerability Scanning is the process of defining, identifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures. This process is intended to identify threats and the risks they pose

Types of Technical Vulnerability Tests offered by InfoSystems Cyber:

Network-based Assessments

Network-based Assessments are used to identify possible network security attacks.

Host-based Assessments

Host-based Assessments are used to locate and identify vulnerabilities in servers, workstations, or another network host. This assessment will usually examine ports and services that may also be visible to Network-based Assessments. This will offer greater visibility into the configuration settings and patch history of scanned systems.

Wireless Network Assessments

Wireless Network Assessments are used to evaluate an organization’s Wi-Fi networks. These assessments focus on points of attack in the wireless network infrastructure. In addition to identifying rogue access points, the wireless network scan will also be used to validate that a company’s network is securely configured.

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How Our Technical Vulnerability Scanning Works.

The InfoSystems Cyber team will use technical tools and expert security personnel to conduct Technical
Vulnerability Scanning.

Technical Vulnerability Scanning involves the use of automated testing tools, such as a network security scanner (NESSUS), whose results are listed in a vulnerability assessment report.

The vulnerability report will be evaluated by a technical security consultant that provides the client with a detailed (understandable) report including remediation strategies to address the vulnerabilities.




As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it is imperative that enterprises and their security teams rise to the challenge and employ strong and comprehensive measures to protect network data. Vulnerability Scanning is one of the most effective ways to be proactive and aware of vulnerabilities and protocol.

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