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Penetration Testing, also known as a Pen Test, is the process for testing a system, network, or some other resource to find as many vulnerabilities and configuration issues as possible within the time allotted. The security consultant, commonly referred to as a “pen tester,” then exploits the vulnerabilities to determine the risk of the vulnerabilities. The security consultant is not seeking to discover new vulnerabilities; they aim to find already known system vulnerabilities that remain unpatched.

Types of Penetration Testing offered by InfoSystems Cyber:

White Box Testing

Prior to conducting White Box Penetration Testing, the target company will provide the InfoSystems Cyber technical security consultant all the details about their organization’s systems or target network.

Black Box Testing

Prior to conducting Black Box Penetration Testing, the target company will provide the technical security consultant no knowledge of the systems or target network.

Gray Box Testing

Prior to conducting Gray Box Penetration Testing, the target company will provide the technical security consultant partial knowledge of the systems or target network.

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How Our Penetration Testing Works.

The team at InfoSystems Cyber follows a distinct, phased approach to each penetration test that allows us to deliver actionable guidance that drives tangible security improvements. These phases include:

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As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it is imperative that enterprises and their security teams rise to the challenge and employ strong and comprehensive measures to protect network data. Penetration testing is one of the most effective ways to be proactive and aware of vulnerabilities and protocol.

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Get a Deeper Understanding of Penetration Testing.

Penetration Testing, also known as a Pen Test, is a simulated cybersecurity attack that enterprises use to make proactive strides in uncovering vulnerabilities and other security gaps. Pen testing puts your network and systems through the same process of probing and attack that cyber criminals would use, the difference being that a pen test is conducted in a controlled testing environment to discover weaknesses in your network before your attackers do. Effective penetration testing uses both automated tools and manual techniques.

Automated Penetration Testing

Automated testing uses powerful applications that can audit hundreds of thousands of web pages and properties and deliver reports highlighting organizational vulnerabilities. An enterprise’s ability to monitor all of its digital properties is paramount to network security, and automated penetration testing is a reliable way to stay aware of threats and exposure.

Manual Penetration Testing

The orchestration of manual testing employs ethical hackers, which are authorized individuals that act as cybercriminals to gain access to information systems and compromise data and other private resources.

When security and IT teams have insight into security flaws before an actual attack occurs, they gain a better understanding of the risks that an attacker could use to exploit networks or web and software applications. Security flaws typically arise during software development and implementation, email phishing scams, design or configuration errors or other network-related vulnerabilities. From simulated attacks, enterprises can analyze where attackers strike, how to respond when they do and what enhancements they need to develop to prevent future attacks. Studying this information is critical to making the most of a pen test.

The primary goal of a cybercriminal is to gain a foothold in an enterprise’s network. Once achieved, hackers can leverage the foothold and move laterally within the network, earning credentials with more permissions until they can breach messaging channels, disrupt systems and steal data.

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