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InfoSystems Cyber offers security-specific advisory and consulting services designed to help small and mid-sized businesses assess, analyze, and improve the efficiency of their information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), internet of things (IoT), compliance strategies, and risk management activities.

Vulnerability Scanning & Assessments

InfoSystems Cyber utilizes professional tools to complete network-based assessments, host-based assessments, and wireless network assessments to identify as many vulnerabilities as possible.

Penetration Testing

InfoSystems Cyber provides a cyber threat consultant (pen tester) to exploit as many known but unpatched system vulnerabilities and configuration issues as possible within an allotted timeframe.

Social Engineering & Phishing

InfoSystems Cyber will simulate common social engineering and phishing attacks, such as phishing/trojan email, spear phishing, baiting, tailgating, and technical support mimicking.

Red Team

InfoSystems Cyber will use multiple types of attacks to test corporate security of external systems, internal systems, wireless systems, and physical devices.

Security Assessments

InfoSystems Cyber utilizes NIST, CIS Critical Security Controls, and other proven frameworks to provide comprehensive security assessments.

Knowledge is power.

Discover your vulnerabilities
and take immediate action.

Are you protected against known threats?

We help identify threats and the risks they pose.

Our security assessments are designed to define, classify, and prioritize vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures.

Using top automated testing tools.

We use automated testing tools such as a network security scanner (NESSUS) and provide the results in a vulnerability assessment report.

To provide the clear information you need to make important security decisions.

Our technical security consultants will evaluate your vulnerability assessment report and provide clear remediation strategies so you can take action and fix your vulnerabilities.

Fix your vulnerabilities quickly.

Fix your vulnerabilities quickly. Get “hands on”support from InfoSystems Cyber.

• No confusion

• Smooth hand-offs from consulting to technical support

• Complete partnership and guidance

InfoSystems Cyber is uniquely positioned to provide enhanced value to our customers because of our affiliation with InfoSystems, Inc.

InfoSystems, Inc. is an IT services provider that can take action on the reports and recommendations provided by InfoSystems Cyber with technical fixes and strategic solutions.

You don’t need a bunch of reports showing you what’s wrong with your disaster recovery plans. You need a partner who can create an action plan and fix your problems.

Our cybersecurity consultancy is backed by the InfoSystems, Inc. team of technical architects, engineers, and technicians that provides hands-on support for your network and business technology.

Easy to get started. Never a moment of confusion.

Because who wants confusion? Avoid the frustration of working with consultants that make business harder than it should be. You deserve a mature business partner and exceptional results.

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