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NIST Security Controls

The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Security Controls were instituted to support information systems’ ability to stay secure and resilient amid evolving threats and work to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and overall security of federal and industry information systems.

NIST controls can be found in security frameworks such as the payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS), the HIPAA Security Rule, FDIC and SEC security requirements, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) for publicly traded companies, and more. They are typically classified as coming from one of 18 different families:

  1. Access Control
  2. Audit and Accountability
  3. Awareness and Training
  4. Configuration Management
  5. Contingency Planning
  6. Identification and Authentication
  7. Incident Response
  8. Maintenance
  9. Media Protection
  1. Personnel Security
  2. Physical and Environmental Protection
  3. Planning
  4. Program Management
  5. Risk Assessment
  6. Security Assessment and Authorization
  7. System and Communications Protection
  8. System and Information Integrity
  9. System and Services Acquisition

Business leaders and cyber professionals must maintain a comprehensive understanding of NIST security controls, how they work and where responsibilities fall in terms of managing cybersecurity risk within an organization to maintain compliance.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Recognizing the national and economic security of the United States depends on the reliable function of critical infrastructure, in February 2013, President Barack Obama issued Executive Order (EO) 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. The Order directed NIST to work with stakeholders to develop a voluntary framework – based on existing standards, guidelines and practices – for reducing cyber risks to critical infrastructure. The Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2014 reinforced NIST’s EO 13636 role.

Created through collaboration between industry and government, the framework consists of standards, guidelines and practices to promote the protection of critical infrastructure. The prioritized, flexible, repeatable and cost-effective approach of the framework helps owners and operators of critical infrastructure to manage cybersecurity-related risk.

InfoSystems Cyber Can Help.

NIST security controls are part of an always-evolving set of guidelines that are subject to revision and updates as cyber threats dictate. The most recent revisions implement a proactive and systematic approach to address threats to various computing platforms, including mobile and cloud platforms, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other cyber-physical systems.

All businesses are encouraged to comply with NIST security controls and the cybersecurity framework and be proactive in managing their security systems. InfoSystems Cyber proudly assists companies in various industries in achieving and maintaining NIST 800-171 and 800-53 compliance.

Professional, Thorough, Actionable Compliance Assessments.

Our compliance assessments are professionally managed.

All projects from InfoSystems Cyber are managed by our fully staffed and professional Project Management Office. We ensure every step in the assessment process is managed with care and that all communication is timely. We know your assessments are a priority, so we complete them as efficiently as possible.

Our compliance assessments are thorough.​

By nature, assessments must be thorough. Our security consultants review all aspects of the business and perform all necessary interviews to confirm areas of compliance and identify areas with gaps. When you work with InfoSystems Cyber you’ll be impressed with what was discovered, not worried about what was missed.

Our compliance assessments will help you act quickly.​

Performing an assessment is a waste of time if there is no plan to act on the results. We don’t perform assessments just to “check a box.” We perform assessments so that leaders can respond quickly to our findings.

Feel confident about your business with NIST, ISO, and CFS compliance assessments from InfoSystems Cyber.

InfoSystems Cyber brings a deep understanding of multiple frameworks including HIPAA, NIST, CSC v8, and PCI DSS, allowing our experts to take an unbiased and holistic approach to security and compliance while ensuring you maximize the return on your investment in services. At the conclusion of our engagement, organizations will have gained an understanding of the risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected information in your environment.




As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it is imperative that enterprises and their security teams rise to the challenge and employ strong and comprehensive measures to protect network data. Compliance Assessments are one of the most effective ways to be proactive and aware of vulnerabilities and protocol.

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