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For organizations that need to fill a leadership role or provide guidance to the organization regarding security but are not able to bring in a full-time (and often very costly) qualified security or compliance leader, our virtual security and compliance services provide a combination of staff augmentation, consulting, advising, and strategy.


Virtual Cybersecurity Officer (vCISO)

InfoSystems Cyber will help your company develop an Incident Response Plan (IRP) document that describes the procedures to follow in case of a security incident.

Cybersecurity Staff Augmentation

Cybersecurity staff augmentation allows for an individual representing the security or compliance team to be involved in on-site meetings, events, operations, and strategy planning.


Cybersecurity consulting services drive the creation and implementation of security and risk program artifacts (such as strategic and tactical roadmaps, architecture, and policy) and to run risk management and risk assessment processes.

Expert leadership. Real strategy. Clear direction. Proactive management.

Do you have in-house cybersecurity leaders and experts proactively protecting your business?

Our highly qualified cybersecurity experts serve as your Virtual Information Security Officer (vCISO).

Expert leadership is required in every area of business in order to cast a vision of success. Cybersecurity is no different. If you lack qualified, expert leadership in cybersecurity, InfoSystems Cyber can provide the leadership you need.

To provide proactive leadership, strategy, direction, and management of your cybersecurity program.

Once a clear vision of success has been established, businesses must strategize how to achieve that level of success, provide a clear plan to the team assigned to the mission, and manage the execution of the plan. The InfoSystems Cyber team can provide Staff Augmentation and Consulting services to ensure you aren’t shorthanded or off track.

So that the future of your business isn’t at risk because of a lack of resources or expertise.

Your cybersecurity program deserves to have a complete team with the expertise and skills to get the job done well and a proactive plan to provide constant accountability and oversight. There is simply too much at risk to cut corners or attempt to accomplish the mission without the right knowledge or training.

Fix your cybersecurity and compliance deficiencies quickly.

Get “hands on” support from InfoSystems Cyber.

• No confusion

• Smooth hand-offs from consulting to technical support

• Complete partnership and guidance

InfoSystems Cyber is uniquely positioned to provide enhanced value to our customers because of our affiliation with InfoSystems, Inc.

InfoSystems, Inc. is an IT services provider that can take action on the reports and recommendations provided by InfoSystems Cyber with technical fixes and strategic solutions.

You don’t need a bunch of reports showing you what’s wrong with your disaster recovery plans. You need a partner who can create an action plan and fix your problems.

Our cybersecurity consultancy is backed by the InfoSystems, Inc. team of technical architects, engineers, and technicians that provides hands-on support for your network and business technology.

Easy to get started. Never a moment of confusion.

Because who wants confusion? Avoid the frustration of working with consultants that make business harder than it should be. You deserve a mature business partner and exceptional results.

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