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Credit Union Risk Assessment

A Credit Union Risk Assessment is required by credit unions to identify the reasonable foreseeable threats from within and outside a credit union’s operations that could result in unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction of information or information systems, as well as the reasonably foreseeable threats due to the disposal of member information.

FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment

An FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment is a risk assessment strategy developed by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) to help financial institutions identify their risks and determine their cybersecurity maturity.

PCI Gap Analysis

A PCI Gap Analysis is the first step in the PCI compliance process. This analysis helps clients (known as merchants) identify, analyze, and document their current compliance status to the PCI-DSS standards. The results prepare the merchant to respond to their annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) or to prepare for an on-site audit by a PCI-DSS QSA.

PCI Risk Assessment

Required by the PCI-DSS standards, PCI Risk Assessments will identify threats and vulnerabilities that could negatively impact the security of cardholder data.

Professional, Thorough, Actionable Compliance Assessments

Our compliance assessments are professionally managed.

All projects from InfoSystems Cyber are managed by our fully staffed and professional Project Management Office. We ensure every step in the assessment process is managed with care and that all communication is timely. We know your assessments are a priority, so we complete them as efficiently as possible.

Our compliance assessments are thorough.​

By nature, assessments must be thorough. Our security consultants review all aspects of the business and perform all necessary interviews to confirm areas of compliance and identify areas with gaps. When you work with InfoSystems Cyber you’ll be impressed with what was discovered, not worried about what was missed.

Our compliance assessments will help you act quickly.​

Performing an assessment is a waste of time if there is no plan to act on the results. We don’t perform assessments just to “check a box.” We perform assessments so that leaders can respond quickly to our findings.

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InfoSystems Cyber brings a deep understanding of multiple frameworks including HIPAA, NIST, CSC v8, and PCI DSS, allowing our experts to take an unbiased and holistic approach to security and compliance while ensuring you maximize the return on your investment in services. At the conclusion of our engagement, organizations will have gained an understanding of the risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected information in your environment.

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Gartner research indicates that many organizations are struggling to implement effective cybersecurity and security risk governance practices. This immaturity results in a lack of clarity on risk ownership in the organization, inhibiting its ability to exploit the business benefits of the digital transformation effectively and safely.

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