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If you don’t take action to secure your business, you are putting your company, along with every customer, every supplier, and every person associated with your company, at risk.

New attacks are growing in number and sophistication. Are you protected?

Executives are familiar with the cybersecurity problem.

Your company’s executive leadership and top stakeholders are likely aware of the escalation in cyber attacks on U.S. businesses. There are incidents of cyber theft, ransom, and fraud happening daily (2,300 incidents reported per day on average).

The FBI releases industry alerts and news stories about many of the cyber crimes that get reported. But most cyber crimes go unreported (would you want to publicize a data breach that happened to you?).

And companies have implemented many important protections.

Most businesses have already implemented many important cybersecurity solutions such as email filtering, firewalls, two-factor authentication (2FA), and anti-virus / anti-malware apps. These are important protections that are part of any comprehensive cybersecurity initiative.

But businesses still have vulnerabilities from the outside and the inside.

New threats come from outside your business – new vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited all the time, well before the industry can react and push out patches or updates.

And new threats come from inside your business – employees come and go, and all of them have different levels of awareness, training, and adherence to company policies.

Which means every company needs a cybersecurity partner now more than ever.

Creating and following a comprehensive cybersecurity program, testing each system, ensuring regulatory compliance, and planning for how to respond to worst-case scenarios all require the support of highly trained experts – unbiased and uncompromised.

Or they will end up being a statistic.

The FBI’s 2021 Internet Crime Report included the following:
Is your business vulnerable to the latest cybersecurity threats?

Our mission is to help

secure the future of your business.

We deliver cybersecurity services that make “business sense.” Here are a few examples of how we take a business-first approach with our clients:

First, we will look at your business model.

By beginning with a business conversation, we can work backward to define what is needed from a security program, security tools, and best practices and processes.

Then, we'll take inventory of your business assets and activities.

By working from an inventory of actual business assets and activities, we can implement security measures that make sense, not measures heard from a peer or copied from someone else.

And lastly, we'll develop a long-term partnership focused on outcomes.

By developing a long-term partnership focused on business outcomes, we can share new capabilities, new services, and new solutions that will enhance security and reduce risk.

We believe cybersecurity consultants should create value, not confusion.

Most cybersecurity consultants will perform an assessment and leave you with a lengthy report to figure out on your own. Not InfoSystems Cyber.

The most unique aspect of InfoSystems Cyber is that we are part of InfoSystems, Inc., a fully-mature IT company with expertise in cloud, networks, storage systems, and all of the end user technology and connectivity that powers today’s businesses.

We don’t drop lengthy reports at your door and head for our next engagement. We lock elbows and create solutions that will address your issues. We believe all businesses deserve to have the best security delivered by a partner who cares.

We will make sure you are 100% clear about your security, regulatory compliance, and risk – and 100% confident in the plan to protect your business.

Easy to get started. Never a moment of confusion.

Because who wants confusion? Avoid the frustration of working with consultants that make business harder than it should be. You deserve a mature business partner and exceptional results.

Here’s how to get started:

Meet With Us

We offer a guided process that begins with an introductory meeting.

Get A Plan

We’ll identify your Situation, Objective, Assessment, and Plan.

Secure Your Business

Deliver confidence to your executives, employees, and customers.

InfoSystems Cyber is part of InfoSystems, Inc. – a complete IT services partner.

Since 1994, we’ve helped thousands of companies build reliable, secure IT systems. How?

We’ve built two distinct business units so that we can deliver easy and secure IT that completely supports your operations.
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