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Being prepared in the event of a security incident can mean the difference between your business surviving (with little impact) or suffering a significant outage with monetary and reputational harm. In today’s globally connected world, it is harder than ever before to anticipate and prevent every possible security vulnerability or system outage.

When an incident occurs, it is imperative to be ready to handle the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Identification, containment, and eradication are key to re-establishing normal operational levels.

InfoSystems Cyber’s Incident Response Program (IRP) services provide your organization with cyber experts that can assist your IT team when dealing with the unexpected. Our experienced cybersecurity professionals can work with your team in real-time by gaining control of security vulnerabilities and proactively providing incident response testing, as well as incident response policy and plan development.


  • According to Accenture, 68% of business leaders acknowledge that their cybersecurity risks are constantly increasing.
  • RiskBased reported that in the first half of 2019, cybercriminals exposed 1 billion private records.
  • The global average cost of a data breach in 2019 was $3.92 million, a 1.5% percent increase from 2018 according to the Ponemon Institute’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report.

These numbers increase annually. Since cybercriminals target vulnerable networks, and almost all networks have security vulnerabilities, businesses must create, maintain, and understand the information contained in the IRP. As a result, networks are less likely to suffer long-term and widespread damage.

Businesses and organizations should assume that a cybersecurity attack is inevitable and have consistently current plans to contain the breach and reduce the damage.

Develop a Cybersecurity Incident Response Program Customized for Your Business.

InfoSystems Cyber provides development services to assist your organization with conceptualizing and creating a detailed IRP, customized to address your unique business requirements and industry-specific needs. In addition to a detailed IRP, InfoSystems Cyber experts can serve as an extension of your team to shield your business from attacks and promptly remediate known issues. Our professionals work with your team to respond quickly and uniformly against any type of internal or external threat.

Our development services can include an annual or bi-annual facilitated incident response tabletop exercise. During this exercise, an InfoSystems cybersecurity expert will develop and deliver a simulated incident situation exploiting multiple vulnerabilities to gauge the preparedness of your organization in dealing with a real cyber incident. The result of this exercise is optimally improved preparedness within your organization in dealing with a true incident.

How Our Incident Response Plan Services Work.

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Businesses of all sizes trust their security teams to develop and maintain a plan for incident response and remediation. Preserving the privacy and security of a company’s data is a consequential responsibility. It is critical to have a reliable partner with a long record of security excellence to lean on in times of need.

InfoSystems Cyber is skilled in premier security software providers to reinforce the network protection. We work quickly to assist in incident containment and eradication.

No business wants to be a cybersecurity victim. Breaches disrupt productivity, compromise important data, and have negative consequences on a business’ reputation. InfoSystems Cyber and our partners are here to support you in your security needs. Take the first step toward developing a powerful and dependable Incident Response Program by contacting us today.

IGNORING Compliance Assessments COULD COST Your Company BIG TIME.



As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it is imperative that enterprises and their security teams rise to the challenge and employ strong and comprehensive measures to protect network data. Incident Response Plans are one of the most effective ways to be prepared to act quickly and minimize the damage when a cybersecurity incident occurs.

Protect the future of your business with Incident Response Plans from InfoSystems Cyber.

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